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Toddlers (16 months - 2 years old)

Toddlers need positive early learning experiences to foster their intellectual, social and emotional development and lay the foundation for later school success.  

Toddlers are little scientists. They are eager to figure out how everything works. This makes it an exciting time, as they really begin to venture out into the world to explore, discover and learn.

One of the things that makes this time so much fun is that toddlers are becoming more and more effective at communicating. Soon they will be making simple sentences, like, "more milk please" or "may I have it?" Toddlers have minds of their own, and strong feelings and preferences that they express enthusiastically.

Toddlers often develop a favorite story that they want to hear over and over, or a favorite toy or game they want to play nonstop. When toddlers are interested and involved in an activity and are having fun, they are learning! It isn't necessary to "teach" toddlers. Formal classes and other activities that push toddlers to learn concepts before they are ready do not help their development or make them do better in school. In fact, they can even make children feel like failures when they are pushed to do something they can't succeed at or don't enjoy. At My Friends toddlers spend their days playing, exploring, moving and sharing hugs or a lap because that is what a toddler needs to learn and grow. 

Click on each the following four links here to learn more about a toddler's early learning skills in Language and Literacy, Thinking, Self-Control and Self Confidence.

Terrific toddlers . . . indeed!

The above information is adapted from "ZERO TO THREE," National Center for Infants, Toddlers, and Families.

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