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Literacy and Young Children

Believing that all children have the potential to become literate, My Friends provides a learning environment that supports ongoing development in listening, speaking, reading, writing, viewing and representing designed to meet children at their individual level.

At My Friends each stage in literacy development is important and understood. From modeling and direct interactions children are immersed in an atmosphere where mistakes are a natural and necessary part of learning. The daily schedule is designed with times to talk in small and large groups, to listen to others individually and as part of a group, to read books and other printed materials, to create written works of many kinds for many uses.

Parents often want to know when their child will read and write. Children become readers by reading and being read to. They become writers by writing and seeing the importance of print. Young children are emerging readers and writers. Each stage in the process from reading pictures and symbols to decoding and understanding printed words, from writing marks and letters to forming recognizable sentences are celebrated at My Friends.

Just as we marveled when our child first rolled over, sat up, stood and eventually walked, let's also marvel at and encourage this remarkable journey in reading, writing, listening, speaking, viewing and representing.

Enjoy the journey,


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